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Do you believe in the paranormal? Both believers and non-believers alike are fascinated by the psychic stories and phenomena described by our resident psychic guide.

To really be immersed in the psychic experience, you will need 2½ hours to hear the history of the Maitland Gaol and the people who have passed through its walls. Be ready for some truly mystifying tales, the answers to which you can decide for yourself.

We don’t guarantee any ghostly activity, but many visitors experience an eerie feeling. Your guide will lead you in this experience. If you are lucky, there may be time for a palm reading or two at the end of the tour.

This tour is not available for children under 14 years as it is conducted at night and the information presented is of an adult and/or confronting nature.

Regularly presented as a public evening Torchlight Tour or for private groups. Availability of this tour is limited so early booking is especially recommended.

Email us and let us know if you have had any eerie or spooky Maitland Gaol experiences.